About the programme

Waste of Space

Create and critique compelling interactive media through understanding and using theory and technology.

This website provides a showcase of the projects completed by final year students of DCU's BSc in Multimedia programme, a three-year undergraduate programme at the School of Communications in Dublin City University.

Contemporary and emerging digital media technologies are increasingly central to our everyday lives. These technologies are widely used for the creation, display and interaction of content we engage with regularly in many areas of life – from education to work, entertainment, or news reporting.

Media technologies and productions have a role in the expressive arts, and in public and private spaces where we interact with information. DCU’s BSc in Multimedia equips you to critically analyse these interactions and to create original ones, grounded in a sound understanding of theory and design.

Is this programme for me?

If you have a creative, enquiring outlook and an interest in the design of engaging and interactive media experiences, this degree programme may suit you. Our graduates are highly successful designers, developers, artists, educators, entrepreneurs and scholars. If, like them, you are intrigued by the relationship we have to media and digital technologies in our lives and want to explore, improve, and expand that relationship - this is the course for you.

You do not need existing skills or practical experience in the analysis or design of media. You should enjoy working with digital technologies and be interested in problem-solving, creative expression and working in focused team projects. The various modules will introduce you to a range of core skills from which you can build and specialise.

If you are coming to us as a mature student, you will have an interest in digital and media technologies. Your experience and enthusiasm for these areas will allow you to contribute to a team-focused course that provides a solid foundation in the creative industries and gives you opportunities to specialise.

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